You've finally arrived at the web page of Ulrich Nehls, german musician and composer. Main purpose of this site is a collection of sheet music in PDF files for free download.

Sheet music

notes Here you can download prints of my arrangements and compositions in PDF format. Most of them have been written in recent years. If you want more, see

For Organ

Edvard Grieg "Morgenstimmung" Audio
Auf 180
Jazzonata Listen here
Hummelflug/Flight of the bumble bee originally by Rimsky-Korsakov
Trio über 'Geh aus mein Herz' Listen to this piece on Youtube
Trio über "Tut mir auf die schöne Pforte"
Choral prelude 'Nun lob, mein Seel, den Herren'
Toccata & Fuge in F

For Organ and Drumset

Fifty? - forget it!

For Piano

Lone Walk
Arabesque g-minor
Lied ohne Worte/Song without words -> Audio
Vier Klavierstücke
Drei Klavierstücke
Black Cat Rag
A little Blues

For Jazz Band

Summertime (Gershwin)
Listen to me, Sophia Waltz by George Gershwin
Just another Rhumba Just another Gershwin chart
Musikerfrühstück A Tango for early mornings ..
Wie soll ich dich empfangen Easy Swing of an advent hymn. Digital Audio of the piece here.
Macht hoch die Tür Another advent hymn for jazz band - Digital Audio here.

For Trombone

Christmas Songs for Trombone Trio
7 preludes for trombone & piano
Ed. Deransart: Variations on "The last Rose of Summer" for trombone & orchestra orchestrated by U. Nehls

For Trombone & Organ

Andante (Mozart) A transcription from an aria from "Cosi fan tutte"
3 Pieces for trombone & church organ

For Cello & organ


For Flugel horn & keyboard

'In Flux I' Robert Miller, flugel horn & Ulrich Nehls, keyboards. A 'Music minus one'-file of this one is available, write me an email!
'In Flux X' Robert Miller, flugel horn & Ulrich Nehls, keyboards. A 'Music minus one'-file of this one is available, too.
'Take that, Ellie!' Robert Miller, trumpet & Ulrich Nehls, piano
'Hundert Jahre Einsamkeit' ('One hundred years of solitude') Listen to fabulous Robert Miller, flh and U. Nehls, organ playing this piece.

For Brass ensemble & organ

Macht hoch die Tür Choral Prelude - listen to Audio

For Brass Ensembles

Marche fun├Ębre played by Robert Miller, trumpets & Ulrich Nehls, trombones
Weaver's Walk
Pro-Motion (fast Swing)
My war left guns goat
Hand way glow daggle
Dosed adds des bills endly hair
Dusty light ear fried hum
Easy Peasy Easy three-part suite for brass quartet
Hide Kennedy a whang Ford gay
Saw, adds hockey doe alarum
Delight rhyme city hand
Too much cucumber salad-Blues
'Downtown'-Suite für tiefes Blech/for low brass
Sinfonietta in Rock
Consolation by Franz Liszt
Herr Christ, der einig Gotts Sohn - 5 Sätze verschiedener Art

For Trombone quartet

Bach(?) Bist Du bei mir
Liszt: Consolation
Soon may the Wellerman come

For Brass quintet

"Mit alles - mit scharf!"

For Wind Instruments

"Walking again" for Flute & Piano
Valse musette Flute & Piano
Springtime Serenade Flute, Violin & Piano
"Ear worm" für Flute & Piano

For Choir & instruments

Sonne aus Nazareth (R. Bohren) Chor & Band
Von guten Mächten treu und still umgeben (Bonhoeffer)
Psalm 130

For FREE - all of it

About me

I studied music in Heidelberg and Berlin. After 30 years as a music teacher and band leader I am a freelancing musician now. I also play trombone and have written many pieces for brass instruments. If you'd like to hear me play on that organ, here is a sample - Bach's Trio over 'Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend''.


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